I want you to picture this. Close your eyes if you need to.

Picture your childhood. The home you grew up in. Your mom. Your dad. Brothers. Sisters. The bedroom you played in and slept in. Your daily activities, the fun ones and the not so fun ones. Maybe you grew up on a farm. In the city. A tiny apartment. A normal house. Picture your everyday life.

Now imagine you had photographs to look back on of your mom, your house. Those ordinary, every day memories. That’s what I want to capture. I want you to be able to look back twenty years from now and see pictures of you with your babies just doing everyday life together. Just being moms!

I want to see you in your homes, making food for your kids, playing games with them, being their mom.

I’m not looking for the perfect home with the perfect family. I’m looking for real. Real families. Real everyday life. You don’t need the perfect home or the perfect body. You just need to have these special moments captured before they are gone. And you know how quickly they pass by. Yes, its true. These photos don’t always “just happen” but with my guidance and love for all things love and light and you just being you with your loved ones, we can create some beautiful memories that you will be able to look back on for years to come.

Now all I need is some beautiful Mama’s who will allow me the privilege of photographing you and your family! Don’t let time get away from you before it’s too late.