Hi! I am Melissa and I'm married to my sweetheart, Timothy. We have one little girl and another baby on the way.

This is us! We are couple photographers who love to photograph together. We love to photograph families, children, newborns, couples, siblings, best friends and more. But mostly we love sharing in that special love between families and capturing those sweet moments for you.

We are all about families, especially our own and we love seeing the start of new families, seeing families grow and seeing that love shared between loved ones. We would love to photograph your story. One thing that we love to photograph is families in their own homes. In their own environment. Seeing a mom baking with her babies, having a dad push his girls on a swing. I want to capture what you are all about with your families. Those families come in many forms and sizes and we would love to capture that sweetness for you.

We are all about moments. Moments are special and when you’re in a moment, it is unique and one of a kind. Soon those special memories fade a little and all the details of that moment are not as clear as what they used to be. We capture those moment and you will have them forever and be able to cherish those oh so sweet, moments with the ones you love. Those are the moments we love, the moments we look for and capture. That is what we love about photography.

We are passionate about what we do and we hope that you will be able to see that in our work. We love love, we love families and we love moments. We hope you will allow us to show you this. Hopefully, photographing for you in the near future.

A little about us

We have been married sine September 2014. We have a relationship and family life built on God. We have the sweetest little daughter who was born in January 2017. We love our family and we hope you will too as we share this journey with you.

We also love to travel and when we say travel, we mean it. We will come to you, wherever you are! We are often on holiday, usually staying within the borders of South Africa. Our favourite places being the Drakensburg and Kruger National Park. Home is Joburg but we have family in Durban and we love going for visits.

Our other home is in Syracuse, New York. Hehe well not really but with Timothy being American and a lot of his family live there, we love to visit and are hoping to make a lot more visits in the future!